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ViaBTC accelerator introduced their services to cryptocurrency community since , and since then, they have been giving priorities to transactions that added extra higher fees for accelerating transactions. Via BTC is a free Bitcoin transaction accelerator service made available for cryptocurrency investors, but they still have paid service for special cases like;. Their free service is limited to FREE acceleration per hour.

On the contrary, if you are going to make use of their paid service, you need to include a fee of 0. It can accelerate any transaction, even if the transaction fee is low, but it normally re-broadcast your BTC transaction to the blockchain network for confirmation. However, by re-broadcasting the transaction ID its more likely to get picked up by mining pools, like the ViaBTC Pool, which confirms it on the blockchain.

7 Best Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator [2021 Edition]

Bitcoin Afterburner is a Bitcoin accelerator service introduce by the Samourai wallet team, and it works a bit differently to accelerate Bitcoin transactions. It uses some kind of feature known as, Child pays for parent CPFP to accelerate any unconfirmed Bitcoin transaction, and almost acts like a cryptocurrency wallet. To use Bitcoin Afterburner you need to download its Android app where you need to restore your Bitcoin wallet.

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This is another cool bitcoin blockchain tx accelerator that allows you to accelerate your stuck bitcoin transaction. And the cool thing is that, if your transaction size is less than byte then you are not required to pay anything. All transactions will be confirmed within 72 hours but in most cases, they are confirmed within 12 hours. They do not offer refunds and all sales are final. If your transaction is not confirmed within 72 hours, we will credit you with a free future acceleration.

Bitcoin transaction confirmation accelerator is a good thing in the past, but recently, a lot of features have been added to fasten the entire blockchain transaction confirmation. Even the usual 1MB blocks have also been increased so transactions can be carried out with faster confirmation using the lightening networks for some crypto wallets. But I understand that not everyone can use these techniques, because it requires you to have some Bitcoin literacy before being able to use these techniques successfully.

Lastly, another easy and indirect solution to unstuck you Bitcoin transactions is to use SegWit addresses which effectively increases the block size thus reducing the transaction fees pressure.

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Before you go, sign-up for free receive once in a while updates, no spam. Want free crypto Airdrops? Join telegram channel. Skip to content. You can trade your BTC assets through both decentralized platforms or centralized platforms.

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Tokenlon is a decentralized exchange powered by 0x protocol. It aims to offer a seamless trading experience with fast speed, competitive price and more token options. The trading assets are completely controlled by users, and you can use Tokenlon to quickly complete currency exchange without topping up or withdrawing.

Tokenlon currently issues imBTC. The exchange acts as a custodian to provide a valuable service with liquidity, featuring low learning costs and high matching efficiency. Please make sure that your BTC wallet has sufficient assets and the balance is enough to cover the miner fees required for the transfer.

What Happens To Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transactions And How To Fix Them

Anyone can participate in Bitcoin mining. The essence of mining is to process transactions by calculating hashes, to ensure the security of the Bitcoin main network and to keep the account information of the entire network consistent. He mined the genesis block of Bitcoin in He has disappeared from the public eye and has become a "mystery" forever.

Why was Satoshi Nakamoto born on April 5, ?

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Bitcoin Block Explorer is a web tool that provides detailed information about Bitcoin blocks, addresses, and transactions. Bitcoin News: Latest News.

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CoinDesk — Leader in Blockchain News. What is a mnemonic? How to backup a wallet? Use Bitcoin trading You can trade your BTC assets through both decentralized platforms or centralized platforms. Binance Huobi … Bitcoin Transaction Please make sure that your BTC wallet has sufficient assets and the balance is enough to cover the miner fees required for the transfer.