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Nice to see her going to toe to toe with Higgs. Sobel snorts. That is why God made me a judge. Dude, I love you. Higgs and a small army meets them at the back of the room. Arms crossed, Alicia smiles loftily. Stack for being Mr. Stack presents himself as a lawyer representing the mysterious Mr. Bitcoin, and the penalty for creating a currency is 10 to 30 years.

Higgs does not believe my client is Mr. Duh, says Alicia. No, not literally. Again, says Alicia, duh. Bitcoin wanted to remain anonymous. Bitcoin now? The person signing the checks and becoming the public face of a company is the company. Higgs smiles.

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Stack bail, and hear arguments tomorrow. Higgs stares at Alicia for a moment. Diane leans back in a chair in a conference room, clad in Barbie pink, thinking. Probably unlikely, though.

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Dylan refuses to say anything at all about his client. Will stands sentinel, frowning down on everyone.

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Alicia Florrick wonders how. And out of court? It looks good. Once the client is gone, chatting with Alicia in the hall, Kalinda has a few words for Will and Diane.

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He wrote a manifesto when bitcoin came out. I could run a linguistic analysis. And how do you do that? Will and Kalinda look at her, utterly baffled. Stack is here for DeCodeACon, the conference of cryptographers. Kalinda walks into the elevator; Will joins her. They both look tense. Will leans against one. You sure you wanna tell me — subpoenas could go out. Eight thousand. She might even believe it. He was my friend.

I wonder. Could you look at our cases before them? Will looks away, pained. Face pale and bleak, Will turns back to look at her. Obviously, Mrs. Florrick does not. And so Alicia gets to ask her question; is bitcoin currency?

THE GOOD WIFE's Cast and Creators Say an Emotional Goodbye to the Show at Tribeca 2016

It has none of the characteristics associated with coinage and currency. But Kramer has the answer. Cramer, are you the TV personality who regularly shouts and badgers on Mad Money? Really, beeps make him a non-serious person with no expertise?

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But still. Nope, totally within character. There are no more questions for you. There are dancing girls in wigs and chintz, belly baring costumes. There are also a LOT of bearded guys in cardigans. She listens to bits of pitches, here and there. One presentation catches her attention. The woman who answers him is familiar with it.

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The speaker is a very pretty woman with long wavy hair, pale and slender. She looks like she could be a shield maiden of Rohan ; was this what the producers were going for, I wonder? Kalinda finds her, moments later, perched on the counter in the ladies room. She closes the laptop when Kalinda approaches, ostensibly to check her hair in the mirror.

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Eowyn draws back. The wall behind her is mirrored, so her every motion doubles back at us. A patent application by one of the ten hottest geek women. No Nobel, no NHB, just 3rd hottest geek woman. A confession? Why do I think not? Elaine giggles.

Once in a patent application, and once in the manifesto. Once by me, once in the manifesto, and once by a Chinese econophysicist from Nankai University who goes by the code name Newmint And why does Newmint91 use that phrasing? Elaine leans back. Well, between her brains and her looks, Elaine Middleton must cut quite a swath in this world.

I thought we could get together and talk. Whatever you want. Alicia seems as baffled as I am.

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Higgs, as much as I cherish all this time we spend together, is there some driving point you want to make? Tambor, how did you purchase this room? There it is. Alicia closes her eyes. How much did you pay, Higgs wonders. Did you buy anything else with the bitcoin, Higgs asks?