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There is a real risk of outright confiscation of your wealth. They see it clearly now. China's crypto market has a massive user base. Singapore-based ZB. QCash, a stable coin trading pair supported on ZB. QC is the most liquid yuan-based stable coin. Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.

For 10 days in December, , city residents got the equivalent Last month, China gave its digital yuan a test drive in Suzhou. Xinhua newswire reported on one resident surnamed Lu who had bought some snacks at a store in the Tianhong Shopping Mall using digital yuan. She transferred Lu was one of the , residents of Suzhou who were given digital yuan in the pilot program and could spend it at designated brick-and-mortar stores as well as online at JD.

Noted: not Alibaba. Just that its population is more accustomed to the concept of cryptocurrency than the average American. Argentina is one of the first emerging market countries to do a hard lockdown in a major city. The economy remains in a shambles. People are turning to crypto currency by the hundreds of thousands.

Their Bolivar is worth less than seashells found on Margarita Island so it makes sense. Moreover, its central bank has been moving on a digital form of its currency for at least three years. They lead on this within the big and medium-sized emerging markets. Indeed, the only country ever talking about Bitcoin is Venezuela, run by the mightily corrupt Socialists United party.

Since central bank digital currency is issued at the national level, like fiat currencies, the state endorsement is more powerful to skeptics and it accelerates demonetization in favor of crypto.

China is becoming a leader in making its fiat currency digital, eliminating the need for companies Bitcoin, in China at the moment, is rising with the fortunes of a stronger yuan and the digital yuan experiments. I've spent 20 years as a reporter for the best in the business, including as a Brazil-based staffer for WSJ. Since , I focus on business and investing in the big.

Since , I focus on business and investing in the big emerging markets exclusively for Forbes.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma says bitcoin is 'likely' a bubble while embracing its underlying blockchain tech

For example, concentrating a smaller amount of leverage to handful of stocks is much riskier than putting a bigger amount of borrowed money in instruments like Treasuries or currencies, he said. Wall Street is looking over their backs following the portfolio blowup of whale Bill Hwang. Bloomberg -- Cathie Wood has spent months defending Ark Investment Management from critics who say the money manager has too much cash tied up in too few stocks. In a filing late last week, Ark altered the prospectuses for its exchange-traded funds to remove clauses limiting its exposure and concentration risks.

These are eye-catching changes for Ark, founded by Wood in Ark invests in companies involved with disruptive trends, which mean it has a limited pool of targets in which to deploy that money. In addition to deleting the general limits, the March 26 filing removed caps on ownership of depositary receipts, rights, warrants, preferred securities and convertibles. Updates with ARKX fund information in final paragraphs, analyst comment For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg. Ceramics, make-up and furniture could be hit amid a row over a new UK tax on tech firms.

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The Dow ended higher, with shares of planemaker Boeing Co rising 2. Nomura and Credit Suisse are facing billions of dollars in losses after a U. Even on Wall Street, few ever noticed him -- until suddenly, everyone did. Hwang and his private investment firm, Archegos Capital Management, are now at the center of one of the biggest margin calls of all time -- a multibillion-dollar fiasco involving secretive market bets that were dangerously leveraged and unwound in a blink.

GSX Techedu Inc. It evaporated in mere days. Hwang and the team determine the best path forward. One part of the answer is that Hwang set up as a family office with limited oversight and then employed financial derivatives to amass big stakes in companies without ever having to disclose them.

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Another part is that global banks embraced him as a lucrative customer, despite a record of insider trading and attempted market manipulation that drove him out of the hedge fund business a decade ago. Family offices that exclusively manage one fortune are generally exempt from registering as investment advisers with the U. Securities and Exchange Commission. That approach makes sense for small family offices, but if they swell to the size of a hedge fund whale they can still pose risks, this time to outsiders in the broader market. For a time after the SEC case, Goldman refused to do business with him on compliance grounds, but relented as rivals profited by meeting his needs.

Swaps also enable investors to add a lot of leverage to a portfolio. Banks may own shares for a variety of reasons that include hedging swap exposures from trades with their customers.


Even as his fortune swelled, the something kept a low profile. Hwang is a trustee of the Fuller Theology Seminary, and co-founder of the Grace and Mercy Foundation, whose mission is to serve the poor and oppressed. TOKYO Reuters -Japanese chipmaker Renesas Electronics said on Tuesday it would take at least days to get back to normal production at its fire-hit plant, even as the government urged some Taiwanese companies to help with alternative chip production.

The company's chip factory in northeast Japan was hit by fire on March 19 due to a power surge in one of the machines, putting more pressure on the broader chips industry amid a global shortage of semiconductors that is hurting the production of cars, smartphones and home appliances.

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Renesas, which commands nearly a third of the global market share for microcontroller chips used in cars, said 23 machines were damaged in the fire and needed to be replaced or fixed, nearly double its initial estimate of Should you purchase a car with bitcoin and then need a refund, the manufacturer has some special terms and conditions. When CSG opted to shift its regional headquarters this year from Dubai to Riyadh, it marked an early win for Saudi Arabia and proved a surprisingly easy move for the U. CSG is among several foreign companies that agreed earlier this year to set up regional offices in Saudi Arabia rather than overseeing operations remotely from Dubai, the buzzing commercial hub in neighbouring United Arab Emirates.

Top news and what to watch in the markets on Monday, March 29, The trades were linked to sales of holdings by Archegos Capital Management, a person with knowledge of the matter told Reuters. Customers who hold bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and litecoin in PayPal digital wallets will now be able to convert their holdings into fiat currencies at checkouts to make purchases, the company said. The service, which PayPal revealed it was working on late last year, will be available at all of its 29 million merchants in the coming months, the company said.

In , the global cryptocurrency market had crashed, and Sergii Gerasymovych was looking for a way to keep his Bitcoin mining company afloat. Gerasymovych eventually settled on a plan to make money while cleaning up two notoriously climate-polluting industries.

Brent crude was down 50 cents, or 0. Ships were moving through the Suez Canal again on Tuesday after tugs refloated the giant Ever Given container carrier, which had been blocking a narrow section of the passage for almost a week, causing a huge build-up of vessels around the waterway. Losses at Archegos Capital Management, run by former Tiger Asia manager Bill Hwang, had triggered a fire sale of stocks on Friday, a source familiar with the matter said.

A phone message left for Archegos at its New York offices on Monday morning was not immediately returned. After getting furloughed by American Airlines, and watching her side gig leading trips outside of the US evaporate overnight at the start of the pandemic, Brittany Floyd felt unsettled. Having lived across every aspect of the income scale—she grew up in a low-income household, where her mother worked as a custodian and her father as a construction worker—she had no intention of going back to a life of financial struggle.

The pandemic had Floyd thinking about wanting to be financially independent and not having all her money tied up in one sector of the economy. Bloomberg -- Axel Kicillof relished the role he played in the Argentine government years ago: the brash left-wing economy minister who clashed at every opportunity with foreign investors. They hated him and he loved it. Today, Kicillof is once again locked in a bruising battle with financiers in New York and London. But unlike the others, Buenos Aires has yet to emerge from default.

This gambit, analysts say, may help jump-start the process by forcing the province to take a more active role in negotiations. Buenos Aires has extended the deadline on its debt proposal no fewer than 13 times. But last week, the province published details of a new one shown to New York-based hedge fund GoldenTree Asset Management, one of its largest creditors.

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It was swiftly rejected -- as was the counteroffer. The next day, the creditor group, including GoldenTree, submitted two legal claims against the province in the U. And thus his lack of cooperation with creditors until recently. Read More: Buenos Aires Province Weighs Next Steps After Creditor LawsuitThe legal claims are only a strategy to pressure the government and the province will still have 60 days to respond, Lopez said in an interview last week. Last week at an event, Fernandez de Kirchner, who hand-picked Alberto Fernandez as the presidential candidate in , railed against the IMF and the terms being sought to renegotiate the largest credit agreement ever struck with the Washington-based lender.

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Bond prices fell. After Fernandez took power in December , Buenos Aires Province was the first to default on its debt payments in May. Days later, the federal government followed suit, along with several other provinces over the course of the next months.