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At first, the Commission did not directly operate transport services, which were the responsibility of the Commission's Executives. These bodies were separately appointed, and operated under what were termed 'schemes of delegation'.

The Railway Executive traded as " British Railways ". The Commission was permitted to "secure the provision" of road passenger services, although it did not have the general powers of compulsory purchase of bus operators.

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To obtain specific powers of acquisition it had first to draw up, and get approval for, a 'Road Scheme', area by area. The quasi-federal structure of Commission and Executives proved to be an obstacle to integration and was largely abolished by the Conservative government with effect from 1 October the London Transport Executive alone survived.

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On 1 January , the railways were re-organised on the basis of six Area Railway Boards, which had a wide measure of operational autonomy under the Commission's overall supervision. The Commission took direct charge of the remaining assets, though these were significantly reduced by the Conservatives de-nationalising much of the road haulage sector.

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On 1 January , separate managements were also set up for road haulage, hotels, docks and inland waterways. By the late s the BTC was in serious financial difficulties, largely due to the economic performance of the railways. It was criticised as an overly bureaucratic system of administering transport services and had failed to develop an integrated transport system such as integrated ticketing and timetabling.

It was abolished by Harold Macmillan's Conservative government under the Transport Act and replaced by five successor bodies: [2]. These changes took effect on 1 January From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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