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Understanding and Strengthening Self. Creating an Inclusive School. Knowledge and Curriculum. Gender School and Society.

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Environmental Education. Ethics and Values in Teaching Profession. Elective Courses. In phase -I of the internship, focus will be on learning by observation, whereas in phase-II, it will be on learning by working in real school conditions. Major subjects: Any two of the following for the first 4 semesters, and out of the two chosen any one for the additional 2 semesters for Honours course: 1 Botany 2 Chemistry 3 Mathematics 4 Physics 5 Zoology 6 Computer Science. Any specific combination of subjects would run only if there are minimum 10 students opting for it.

One, allied to a major subject, is compulsory for the first two semesters.

Modular courses will have the same number of credits as major courses. These will be add-on courses and the credits earned under them would be an overload. Work-based training courses offered by different departments are as:. Mathematics: i Computer, Aided Statistical Techniques. Specialization by Electives: Various electives to be taken up in the last four semesters.

For further details, please refer the syllabus.

UP BTC 2021 Important Dates (Tentative)

Non-Faculty Half Courses: Any two of the following in the first two semesters one in each semester :. Work-based Training: One of the following in the fourth semester:. Equipment Etc. Skill Based in Automobile Fields.

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Major subjects All compulsory. For further details, please refer the syllabus,. For further details please refer the syllabus, Two One and a half month each industrial internships in selected areas are mandatory. The programme includes specific study of all the major religions of the world, centering around subjects like Methodology of Science of Religions Traditional and Modern , Mysticism, Mythology and Symbolism, Religions and Science, Religion and Future Man, etc.

The programme imparts the essential skills required for programming along with an extensive exposure to core areas in computer science. The programme offers intensive hands-on experience through extensive laboratory work, projects and summer internship. Candidates enrolled through the Distance Education Programme have the option of completing the course part time with one additional semester. The programme is totally committed to the creative development of the individual. The Institute collaborates with leading design houses to bring in new technology and provides exposure to students.

Candidates are expected to have an aptitude for design and capacity to innovate and experiment. A totally integrated curriculum comprises design, projects, production, marketing, general costing and management with creative computer-aided designing. The students are required to visit textile mills and exhibit their works. The objective of this programme is to provide a strong foundation in Statistics, Analytics, Information Systems and Operations Research for effective decision making and building systems based on considerations of data mining, risk, prescriptive and predictive analysis and the application of decision tools and techniques.

The programme is centred at the development of skills as applied to the Business Environment. The programme is meant to acquaint students with the large variety of musical traditions lying dormant in the Folk Music and Devotional Songs of various regions of our country and thus awaken them to the rich heritage of Indian culture. Themain aim of the course is to make students well versed with the concepts of environment, its impact on life, outrages on environment, etc.

Students will also be imparted training in various aspects of environmental assessment, techniques to measure pollution, instruments used in environment study. Besides, various legal issues related to environment will also be taught. To contain damage to environment and improve it, knowledge will be imparted on Green Technology interventions, and various aspects of bio-remediation processes. The course will aim at training them in both theoretical and practical aspects of environment study. The major endeavor of the course is value addition to improve employability of Chemistry and Biology students.

The first two terms semesters are devoted to course work and most of the third term summer term and the fourth term semester to research methodology, dissertation and project work. Thus, seminars and group discussions not only form regular part of the curriculum in each subject, but also form part of the evaluation of the students. The following Programmes are offered at present:. Students are also required to take part in seminars, group discussions and organize exhibitions of their paintings.

Besides, the course contents also include specialization in Folk Literature, Journalism, etc. Teaching job is full of responsibilities and challenges. Years of training is pre-requisite for becoming a good teacher. A teacher plays an influential role in the lives of students. Main topics covered in the course are: Principles of teaching, psychological basis of child development, physical education and music, moral education, curriculum analysis, education evaluation, community education and health education, teaching methodology, class room teaching etc. The admission process of course is on the basis of the marks that are obtained in the 12 th class examination.

After completing BTC, candidate has scope of becoming a teacher. One can teach students in any primary school and in this field your salary will also be good. Salary of primary school teacher is approximately INR 19, There is huge scope of employment for B. As per the policy of the Government, primary education is one of the thrust areas and very large number of primary schools will be established as an on-going process where B.

However, they can also work as teacher in private schools as well as in coaching centers.

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They can also begin their career as tutors. Administrative jobs are another good option for them. Basically, there are a number of job opportunities in Schools, Colleges and private coaching centers. In the above mentioned work setups, BTC. Professionals may do roles such as —. Private coaching and tuition classes are forms of self-employment available in front of elementary teachers. Nurseries, Schools, Special Schools and Colleges are common places where one may find a job. One may also start own coaching centre or work for one. Educational consultancies are also known to hire teachers.


BTC is a job oriented teacher training course. If you are interested in teaching at a higher level, you may check out this list of teacher training courses. Some of the popular professional avenues open to such graduates are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions. Course Fee INR 8, to 1. Many professional writers find teaching college English and literature to be a perfect position, because there is often ample free time to pursue individual interests and seek outside publication. The demand for college teachers, who generally must hold doctoral degrees, is growing as more and more people attend college.

A bachelor's degree in public relations, English, journalism or communications is typically required for this job. Specific types of writers include caption writers, copywriters and creative writers, each of which has a unique set of responsibilities. Writers begin the process of creating a written work by researching their topics using journals, books, interviews or personal experience.

Once their work is on the page, writers revise for clarity and coherence. They are responsible for creating, implementing and overseeing the communications programs, internal or external, that effectively describe and promote the organization and its products.